The owner and designer Marie Claire Medley is young at heart and loves seeing the world through the eyes of a child! With many nieces, nephews and godchildren around, she takes much joy in unleashing their creativity and taking inspiration from them.

Marie studied fashion design at Derby University and as part of that degree, travelled to South America where she spent a year working alongside indigenous communities learning their skills. Gaining a cultural insight into the way of life in the Brazilian shanty towns, 'favelas,' and the emotive street art that the children where creating, inspired Marie to create Favela.

Favela was born in St Ives, back in 2008. After a few successful years by the sea, Marie decided to move back to the Midlands to be near her beloved family and now Favela is mostly run online and makes appearances at family friendly festivals.

Favela makes funky and fun designs for children of all ages.

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