Give a donation to children in the Favela’s, with every purchase!
The children of the Favela’s in Brazil were a huge inspiration for Marie to create Favela Kids Clothing, therefore, we wanted to find a charity that would really help and enrich their lives and give something back to such a colourful and inspiring community. Favela Street is a wonderful charity and we are thrilled to have found them and offer them a donation of our proceeds. Not only do Favela Street train children and young adults to be football coaches, they also teach them valuable life skills. There is so much more they do behind the scenes in both Brazil and Haiti, so we really do feel confident our donation will be put into some fantastic work. We have also built a strong connection with the Founder, Phillip Veldhuis, and the Director, Rocky Hehakaija – therefore, we are confident 100% of our donations will be utilised to help the children of the Favela’s.
So who are Favela Street?
Football is the most popular sport in the world and Favela Street uses the appeal of this sport to connect with the youth. The nature of street football is often parallel to the dynamics of life in these undeserved neighbourhoods, making it a sport that is accessible, easy to learn, has flexible rules and is about having fun with fewer resources. The accessible nature ensures that both girls and boys want to participate.
Favela Street offers a programme for youngsters to become independent football trainers inside their own neighbourhoods by attaining the expertise to self-organise activities for their communities. Besides becoming independent football trainers, we provide our role models with educational and employment resources in order to develop their life skills.
By sharing their experiences, young people are made aware of adopting a positive and constructive attitude, which allows them to become role models for their peers.
*For more information on Favela street, please visit their website www.favela-street.com

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