3 Creative Ways To Use Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate

No matter how hard we try, even if it feels like our children have turned into ‘chocolate monsters’, there still seems to be a lot of chocolate left over after the Easter weekend. If you have so much that you don’t know what to do with it, you have three choices:


  • Hoard the chocolate and use it for months to come, usually as a form of bribery for your children being good or eating all of their vegetables. These eggs inevitably reach their use-by date, and then you throw them away
  • Let your kids have a massive ‘chocolate fest’ and have some serious sugar outbursts, lack of sleep and risk contributing to child obesity
  • Have some fun with the leftover chocolate with your kids, and bake some lovely treats for all of your family and friends to enjoy.


We are going to concentrate on the third (and far more favourable) option. So, how can we have some fun with this leftover chocolate?


Easter Egg Chocolate Recipes



This is the most obvious, but also a very classic, tasty and easy way to use up leftover chocolate. It’s so simple, and there are so many safe aspects to the preparation methods that children can really get stuck into and enjoy. Click here to see the recipe.



These are a slight variation of the above, but a little more relevant and well suited to Easter. If you have any spare mini-eggs, we would highly recommend this recipe as they look so cute in their little nests, and are perfect for sharing with friends and family. Click here to see the recipe.



If you child’s birthday is coming up and you have leftover chocolate from the Easter weekend, this is a perfect recipe for kids’ parties, or even as a birthday gift for another child’s party. It’s conveniently simple, and easily achievable as a delicious, last-minute creation. The fool-proof recipe is as follows:


  • Melt 100g of milk chocolate in the microwave
  • Using a spoon, drop dollops of the melted chocolate onto a lined baking sheet, and use the back of the spoon to spread the dollops into giant button shapes
  • Before the chocolate sets, sprinkle hundreds and thousands, little marshmallows, or anything edible that you like onto the chocolate dollops
  • When your big chocolate buttons have set, pack them up in a big glass jar, or even wrap in cellophane and tie with a colourful ribbon


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